The Experience

Your wedding is all about you two, and not everyone is the same.

We all have preferences in clothes, music, TV shows, or food.
You've got to find the photographer that is perfect for you, and that starts with personality.

Are you serious

or a bit more laid back


Are you more reserved

or a partier


Do you care more about details and decorations or people and having fun


Your wedding should be the most fantastic, fun-filled experience of your life, not something that stresses you out! You should be smiling from the early planning till the exit.

You're probably not a wedding expert, so I'm here to help.

Need help finding vendors?

No problem.

Not sure what to wear for your engagement photos?

Boom! Examples and tips.

Worried about how to stand or pose?

I got you!

Want to have fun during your wedding photos?

Forget about it!

I have the most mind-blowing, ridiculously kind, and fun couples, and I bet you are just like them!


No awkward wedding photos here

Being in photos can be awkward. Trust me, I know, and that's why I spend most of my time on this side of the camera.

You don't want that feeling for your wedding photos!

You want to feel relaxed, beautiful, and ready to have a good time.
I might be a little goofy, but I do everything I can to make sure that my couples are comfortable and enjoy their wedding. That starts with getting to know each other through lots of random questions (What's your favorite TV show?). It builds through the engagement session where even the biggest doubters see that photos aren't that bad. After that, we're practically best friends (I'll probably even bring you a gift).

If you've laughed at anything you've read and
you think I am pretty cool ("I'm kind of a big deal"), then...