I love helping people (that’s probably why I was a teacher for ten years), and I especially love helping brides! Weddings can be so overwhelming. There’s so much pressure because it is an important day and everything costs a lot and it’s only going to happen once. Trust me, I understand. I am here to help. It doesn’t matter if I’m your wedding photographer or not. I’ve put together some helpful information for brides on this page, but if you still have a question about something, please feel free to contact me.

Helpful Information for Brides

NWA Wedding Venues

One of the first decisions a bride has to make (besides saying yes!) is the wedding venue. This will affect the entire day from the ceremony, to the number of guests, to the types of decorations. It is an important decision but it is also a decision that needs to be made quickly. The more popular wedding venues will often be booked out close to a year, so I’ve done some of the work for you.

Helpful Information for Brides

I’ve worked at several different wedding venues in Northwest Arkansas over the past 8 years, so I’ve gotten a feel for what’s out there. I’ve tried to give you a realistic summary of each venue to help you in your decision. Now, I will say, this is just my opinion. I am not a DJ or a planner, so there are probably other things going on that I might not even notice. Still, I hope this information helps.

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Top Wedding Regrets

I hate regrets. I think everyone does. The real problem with regrets is there’s nothing you can do to change it. It’s in the past and unless you are Marty McFly, you can’t go back and do it differently. Please, please don’t let your wedding be one of those regrets!

I’ve talked to plenty of brides about their regrets, so I decided to reach out to more people and find out what the top wedding regrets were. I asked a bunch of former brides and grooms, and it was really interesting what I found out. If you’d like to get my report, you can download it by filling out the form below.

Blog Posts for Brides

I’ve been blogging for a long, long time. At one point, I wrote every day for year. Crazy, I know. Now, are all of those posts useful for brides? Probably not, but there are a few in there that could really come in handy. I’d suggest going through the page that’s linked below. If you can’t find what you are looking for, then try typing the topic into the search bar. If that still doesn’t work, contact me and I’ll try to help.

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Info about Striegler Photography

Ok, so this information might not be helpful to all brides, but if you’re on my site, you probably do want to know a little bit about us as well. I’ve put together some general info about us and about our pricing and our general philosophies. Honestly, though, the best way to really get a feel for us and what we do is to meet with us or talk on a phone.

I hope you found something useful out of all of this helpful information for brides. Please remember, though, I’m here to help. I want you to have a wonderful wedding. Just send me a message, and I’ll do whatever I can to fix your problems.