Tips for Giving Wedding Gifts

November 8, 2018
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November 8, 2018 admin

Tips for Giving Wedding Gifts

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A few days ago, I went to deliver a print to a bride, and when I got there, she had a giant bag of Skittles. I was amazed at how big the bag was, and I was even more shocked when she said it was for me. She had looked at my Instagram account and saw that I loved Skittles and wanted to do something nice for me. What a kind thought! Weddings are the perfect time to give gifts. This can be kind of confusing because there aren’t any set rules. Today, I’m going to help out and give you some tips for giving wedding gifts.

Tips for Giving Wedding Gifts

There can be a lot of gift giving happening at a wedding, so let’s look at all the different possibilities. It is the bride and groom’s big day, so they will be receiving a ton of gifts. I think that one is pretty obvious. Usually, there’s a whole table devoted to gifts.  Often, the couple will buy gifts for each other and open it before the ceremony. I really like it when they do this because it usually is something emotional.


Tips for Giving Wedding GiftsThe bride and groom will also be giving out gifts and this will vary from couple to couple. It is standard to give gifts to the people in the wedding party. They are your closest friends and family, and they are paying money for suits or dresses and helping you out on your big day. It makes sense to give them something. Another norm is wedding favors for the guests. You want them to have something to remember your big day, so a gift is a good reminder. I’ve also seen couple give their parents gifts. They raised you and are probably paying for a chunk of the wedding, so I think they deserve it!

What to give as a wedding gift?

Now that we have an idea of who is getting gifts, let’s look at what to give them. Honestly, I really, really don’t like giving gifts. It’s hard to find something for everyone, and I don’t want to give them something useless. I think this can also be applied to wedding gifts. Give something you think they really would like and something that is useful and will last. Take into consideration who you are buying it for. I’ve seen people give handkerchiefs (usually to the parents), flasks, socks, and even guns.

custom handkerchief for father of the bride


Weddings are such a happy and memorable time, and giving wedding gifts makes it ten times better! I know it can be challenging figuring out who to give gifts to and what to give, but hopefully, these tips for giving wedding gifts will get you in the right direction. Just remember, in the end, it’s the thought that counts, so no matter what you give, it will brighten someone’s day.