When a new wedding venue opens up, it’s hard to tell at first if the venue is going to do well or not. The first year or two can go either way. It might be really busy because it’s brand new or it might not be busy because people don’t know about it yet. The real test comes in the 2nd and 3rd years. If the venue is booked up, then the venue will last. The Stone Chapel at Matt Lane Farm Wedding Venue is one of the newer wedding venues in Northwest Arkansas. It’s on its third or fourth year now, and they are booked about a year out and doing amazing!

Stone Chapel at Matt Lane Farm Wedding Venue

Stone Chapel at Matt Lane Farm Wedding Venue is another venue with a good amount of space. The first thing you will notice is the driveway. It’s a long stretch with trees towering on both sides, creating a tunnel. It’s one of the coolest looking spots around. Once you get past that, you have large open fields and the beautiful stone chapel. Honestly, most people probably choose this wedding venue because of the chapel. More recently, they also built an outdoor ceremony site. It’s a stone wall with a platform for the wedding party. Then there are stone pews and a stone walkways. It’s not a giant area, but it is nice to have the option for an outdoor ceremony as well as an indoor.

The stone chapel is just gorgeous. The outside has large stone walls, partially covered in ivy. The front doors are these gigantic antique wooden doors. Right by the doors is a little passage way with a bell that people will ring at the end of the ceremony. Inside is just as beautiful. You have stained windows, a very long walkway to the front of the chapel. Then there’s a two different rooms that can be used for the bride. One is much larger than the other and the larger one has much more decoration and a large mirror. The guys have a room too, but it’s a smaller one.

Right outside of the stone chapel, you have the reception site. There’s a an outdoor area and a covered patio. If the weather’s nice, this is where people will hang out or put a bar. Connected to this area is the large reception building. It’s about the same size as the stone chapel, but it’s just one large room. It has a beautiful chandelier and plenty of space for tables, bars, and dancing.

The Stone Chapel at Matt Lane Farm wedding venue is a beautiful place with lots of space and options. I’ve had some amazing experiences there, and I  look forward to all the weddings in the future.