Our Arkansas Bridal Portraits Portfolio is filled with some of my favorite photos! We only shoot bridal portraits about 25% of the time, so I’m always pumped when I get to do them. We shoot some on the wedding day, but having a separate session allows us so much more freedom. We can go different places and spend so much more time than we can on the wedding day. It’s also another chance to get to wear the dress and to try things out before the big day. You get to see if the dress fits perfectly, try out the hair and makeup, find out if your shoes hurt your feet, and plenty of other things. It’s so much better to figure this out at the bridal session than on the big day.

We’ve gotten to shoot bridal sessions in a variety of places. Some choose to use the wedding venue, others like fields and nature, and then others like the look of the city. We love them all. In the end, we get beautiful photos no matter where she chooses.

If you’re considering doing Arkansas bridal portraits, please feel free to contact us. We’d love to help you through the process. Click the link below to get in touch.