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Haley and Brock’s engagement photos at the University of Arkansas

Ever since I went full time over two years ago, I’ve had a lot more time and a lot more opportunities, and I’m loving it! Recently, I did a really fun giveaway with The Diamond Center in Fayetteville. For a month, anyone that bought a certain price ring from them got a free shoot from me. It could either be an engagement session, or I would be all ninja like and shoot the proposal! I’m still waiting for a lot of the people to reach out to me to claim their shoot, but I did get to do my first shoot about a month ago. I met up with Haley and Brock and shot their¬†engagement photos at the University of Arkansas. We also did a video and it was pretty cool!

Haley and Brock’s engagement photos at the University of Arkansas

I got to talk to Haley and Brock on the phone before meeting up with them, but I really didn’t know them or what to expect. I quickly got to know them, and they are such a wonderful couple. Brock is super duper outgoing and just a funny and kind guy. Haley isn’t as loud but she still just smiles all the time (probably because of Brock) and is a blast.

This was an interesting shoot. I was doing photo and video all by myself, so basically with every spot and pose, I had to do photo and then remember to switch over to video. It was able to do it, but switching back and forth did interrupt the flow a bit.

engagements at U of A walking on Old Main laughing during engagements

The whole shoot was pretty easy and short. We started with Old Main as a background and moved maybe 100 yards. In that small area, we were able to get about 4 different looks, which is good for about 30 minutes of photos.

engagement photo in front of Old Mainbaseball with wedding date photos on step of Old Main

My favorite shot of it all required a little work. I found this gap in between some trees where the sky was showing through. I put the couple in it and set my exposure for the sky. This made basically everything else dark. I then used a flash to light them. I really like the way it turned out, nice and moody.

dark clouds above Old Main Haley and Brock's engagement photos at the University of Arkansas

These¬†¬†engagement photos at the University of Arkansas were the first from the promotion with the Diamond Center. I can’t wait for more of them to contact me, so I can meet even more amazing couples like Haley and Brock!