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Fayetteville Wedding Photography: Erin and Stephen’s Engagement Photos

The September bridal show I did was such a success! I met so many amazing people and booked a ton of weddings. One of those couples I was so lucky to meet was Erin and Stephen.

Erin is just a blast to be around. She has such an energetic and kind personality; she’s just easy to talk to. Stephen and I also got along quite well because he is a fellow teacher. Teachers always have fun stories to swap!

We started their engagement session at the University of Arkansas campus. Like always, the place was crowded with random people and other photographers, but that didn’t stop us. We worked our way around the place, but one of my favorite shots was by Old Main, near the fountain. They were at the crest of the hill and I went all the way to the ground to emphasize the curve of the ground. They showed some love and bam, magic.

After the University of Arkansas, we moved their engagement session to another Fayetteville location. We found lovely little field to use. In the middle of the field was a tree, so I had the two lean into it and just let them interact. The sun snuck out and it really made the photo.

Our last stop on this Fayetteville engagement session was a small creek. We used the sun to get some great kiss shots, and Stephen even picked her up for a big spin.

I am so glad I met these two and talked to them when I did. Their date has been the most popular date, but I wouldn’t give up this couple for any other. I can’t wait to be a part of their wedding!

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