Elopement Locations in Arkansas

March 20, 2019
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Elopement Locations in Arkansas

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Are you looking to ditch the horrors of traditional wedding planning? Are you looking for the perfect destination to elope with your spouse? Well, Arkansas is the place for you. Even if you want to still keep the element of elegance and luxury in your wedding, or you want to stick to the good old rustic outdoors, Arkansas has something for you. Little wonder it’s called the “The Natural State”. Check out these elopement locations in Arkansas.

Elopement Locations in Arkansas

There are lots of breath-taking sights and activities for couples to enjoy during their trip to Arkansas. You will have a great honey moon adventure in the midst of beautiful fall foliage in cozy cabins, romantic spa centers sit side by side with mountains. You can head to the north-western part to have a look at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville, or Ozarks for a lakeside romantic adventure. Arkansas is a state with charming small towns, bustling cities, and a handful of beautiful scenery. It does have something for everyone really.

Here we are going to have a close look at nice elopement destinations, Arkansas has to offer.


You’ve probably already heard or read about Eureka Springs and even if you haven’t, trust me it’s the perfect location for your elopement. Eloping to Arkansas is so easy, that’s probably why is so popularly known as “The wedding capital of the South”. And you want to know the best part? There is no waiting period for a marriage license, you can get your license in the morning, and get married in the afternoon of the same day.

Thorncrown wedding portrait

Another reason this location is the most preferred, is the abundant, amazing venues it has to offer. The Thorncrown Chapel in the Ozark Mountains is the one destination on everyone’s lips. It’s a famous glass chapel that really is amazing! This location is definitely one for the books and you need to give it some serious consideration. It’s perfect, it’s romantic and it’s everything you could wish for.

Crescent Hotel Wedding

Besides that, you have the famous Crescent Hotel. It’s classy and beautiful, but more importantly, it’s famous for being haunted!


This is another beautiful location you will love to elope to. Especially in the Gables Inn Bed & Breakfast. You get that serenity that made you think about eloping in the first place. You can have it inside the ornate wooden archway, or outside in the garden gazebo. Hot Spring is that ideal location to have that beautiful elopement you’ve always had in mind.


This is 40 miles outside the Eureka Springs. This beautiful mountain town has the famous Little Bell Chapel. Since the 80s, the Bell Chapel has offered weddings round the clock. There are other fascinating sites like the Kirby Manor, Historic Twelve Oaks Estate and several other beautiful sites.


This is another exciting location in Arkansas. Eloping here is an experience you’ll always remember. You’ve got Fairlane Station, which is a remodeled train station and The Apollo on Emma, which is a remodeled movie theatre. Both have a classical, yet modern feel. 

elopement locations in Arkansas


This is the perfect haven for eloping couples. The Mildred B. Cooper chapel is another famous glass chapel (designed by the same person as Thorncrown). It’s surrounded by beautiful trees and a lake, and it very close to another wonderful venue, Lakepoint

wide shot of Mildred B. Cooper Chapel


There are plenty of other elopement locations in Arkansas. One of my favorite and most popular is St. Catherine’s at Bell Gable. It is a beautiful stone chapel and other options as well.

doorway of St. Catherine's at Bell Gable

Anyone who told you your wedding will be unmemorable if you elope clearly has no idea what they’re talking about. Now that you have all the information you need, you may want to call your partner, and get to booking those tickets today!