Intimate Wedding at St. Catherine’s at Bell Gable: Keith and Marie

wedding couple in front of St. Catherine's at Bell Gable

This past year I’ve had some really big weddings. There have been some where every seat was taken and the dance floor was packed all night. These weddings are usually very extravagant, last for hours, and cost a lot of money. Occasionally, though, I get to do something a bit different like for Keith and […]

Elopement Wedding at St. Catherine’s at Bell Gable: Amanda and Bracken

Over the past 7 years or so, I’ve done plenty of weddings at St. Catherine’s at Bell Gable. It’s a great wedding venue with great people, and it’s just beautiful. Interesting enough, it seems a lot of those weddings are people that are looking for something smaller, not crazy, but they really want something pretty. […]

Celeste’s Wedding at St. Catherine’s at Bell Gable

Celeste and Joshua had a beautiful wedding at St. Catherine’s at Bell Gable several months ago. They both are highly involved in competitive cheer and teach and judge the competitions. I actually met Celeste through one of my students that cheered for her. I’m lucky to have such helpful students. Celeste’s Wedding at St. Catherine’s […]

St. Catherine’s at Bell Gable Wedding Venue


One popular wedding venue in Fayetteville AR is St. Catherine’s at Bell Gable. It has natural beauty mixed with a classic stone chapel.

Wedding Venue Costs: Average Price, What To Expect, Ways to Save Money and What To Look For


Looking at wedding venues? Wondering the average price of a wedding venue or how to choose? We’ve got some great tips to help find the perfect wedding venue.

Top Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding

crazy wedding reception with wigs

Weddings are expensive. Everyone knows this. It’s one of the most stressful things about planning a wedding. You want everything to be fun and beautiful and perfect, but then again, you don’t want to go into debt either! I’m not an expert on the money side of it, but I did find several other wedding […]

Wedding Venues in Fayetteville AR


I just saw something interesting on Facebook. Apparently, Fayetteville, AR is the #4 place to live in the country! I’ve lived in Fayetteville pretty much my entire life, so I already knew this was a great city. We’ve got a university, lots of jobs, and plenty of variety. I really love it for my job. […]

Elopement Locations in Arkansas

doorway of St. Catherine's at Bell Gable

Are you looking to ditch the horrors of traditional wedding planning? Are you looking for the perfect destination to elope with your spouse? Well, Arkansas is the place for you. Even if you want to still keep the element of elegance and luxury in your wedding, or you want to stick to the good old […]

Disney Wedding: Haylee and Rhett

kissing bride's forehead

Winter time is normally the slow season for weddings, but this last year was the busiest I’ve ever had. I ended up having about 7 weddings in a 3 month period. Normally, I might do 2 or 3 weddings in that same period, so this was awesome! Not only was it more weddings, these were […]

Intimate Wedding in Fayetteville

intimate wedding in Fayetteville

These days it’s really popular to have a gigantic wedding with hundreds of people, tons of decorations, lots of food, and partying for hours. I love these weddings, and they are so much fun, but that’s not for everyone. Some people are looking for something different. Wendy and Derek did exactly that with their intimate […]